Let’s start your healthy weight loss journey for the last time!

We aim to highlight the importance of overall health first and foremost, through careful nutrition education, guided lifestyle plans, weight loss medications, and endoscopic bariatric techniques as part of a comprehensive weight loss program.

Our goal is to help you both achieve and sustain healthy weight loss through an evidence-based approach for long term success.

Are you looking to lose weight safely and effectively? Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We perform a comprehensive analysis of your medical records, health status, and weight loss goals to determine the best procedure for you.

Non-surgical procedures

Weight loss is a common goal that has evaded many patients despite years of numerous diet and exercise regimens. We combine endoscopic procedures with dietary changes, weight loss medications, and consistency to help achieve results. Non-scale wins also include improved sleep and energy, reduced joint pain, reversal of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, Gerd, and so much more.

*Individual results may vary.

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Nutrition changes, exercise,
anti-obesity pharmacotherapy
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Esg, dietary changes, consistency

Dr. Janese Laster

Dr. Janese Laster is board certified in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Obesity Medicine, and nutrition. She completed both her Internal Medicine residency and Gastroenterology fellowship training at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. During her Gastroenterology fellowship she became interested in nutrition and bariatric endoscopy and sought out additional training. She completed the Nestle Clinical Nutrition fellowship program and then an advanced endoscopic bariatric training fellowship with an international expert.
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Thank you for helping me understand how to change my gut microbiome to help me crave that healthy plant based lifestyle with the added bonus
of weight loss
Lisa F.
Reviews icon
I couldn't believe how great I felt after my 35 lb weight loss. Definitely a new path!
Mishari A.
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​If you’re looking for someone who will motivate you, listen to what you’re looking for and give you healthy , science based recommendations,
Dr. Laster is your woman!
Christine M.
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Just the most amazing care and compassion, cannot recommend highly enough! A year later and I hit my target weight loss, and I’m still steadily creating healthier habits and losing weight. I feel so much more healthy!
Benjamin J.
Reviews icon
I finally feel heard. Losing weight has been an uphill battle since having my daughter, but finding a provider that listens had been even harder. That is, until i found Dr.Laster. She is incredibly knowledgeable, listens, and helps you set realistic goals
Raimi R.
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr J Laster and share my experience. I’m truly grateful I chose Gut Theory. The process has truly changed my life. I’m healthier and lost over 30 pounds and still losing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to make a healthy change in their life. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!
Sharon J.
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Dr. Laster is awesome. She is an expert in her field. I researched several doctors before I made my decision to go with Gut Theory Total Digestive Care.
Dr. Laster explained the ESG procedure in great detail. I was immediately put at ease. My after care was top notch, the IV the next day was a godsend. Dr. Laster called everyday for a week to make sure everything was going according to plan. I can’t say enough about the nutrition plan she provides and the aftercare. Dr. Laster is dedicated to providing patients with all of the tools for the weight loss. I am so thankful to have found Gut Theory.
Aleta G.
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I feel like all my adult life I struggled to maintain a healthy weight. In my 20’s I would spend hours in the gym every other day. But as my life changed and my family grew I started exercising less and less. I weighed myself one day and said that enough (I don’t eat terribly, no candy soda etc) so I decreased the amount of food bought a food scale, only ate between the hours of 8am and 4pm for 6 weeks and you know how much weight I lost? Not one pound. I knew I needed professional help. With a little research I found Dr. Laster and her team. Her office always has street parking and the tele-visits are even more convenient. If you’re remotely close to the DC area I would recommend stop dieting and giving Dr. Laster a call. She changed my life!
Andrea W.

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