24 May, 2024

How To Find A Doctor Who Specializes In ESG Or Gastric Balloon?

When interested in non-surgical weight loss procedures, it can be difficult to choose the best technique for your circumstances or to know where to find a good gastric balloon doctor or one who is a qualified ESG doctor. If you have been exploring options for weight loss without having to resort to surgery, it’s likely that you have come across these two endoscopic procedures but may not be all that familiar with them.

Today, we are going to talk about these procedures and how to go about finding the best doctor to perform them.

Overcoming Weight Loss Challenges

Many people find it difficult to make a serious decision to buckle down and do what it takes to lose weight, lower their body mass index, and prevent obesity-related diseases. Most of these individuals have had issues with their weight their entire lives and have already tried and been unable to maintain weight loss on their own in the past. Once they set their minds to losing weight, they quickly realize that making that decision was only one of many difficult choices they must navigate on the road to better health.

If this scenario hits home to you, we want to assure you that this can be an overwhelming process, and plenty of people can relate to it. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide whether you need professional help and what they might be able to do for you. The fact is, the majority of individuals are unaware that there can be circumstances beyond their control that are blocking their attempts to lose weight and require professional medical assistance. Issues such as hormone imbalances, excess stress, not enough sleep, not drinking enough water, the medication you are taking, certain medical conditions, and metabolic adjustments your body makes can work against you and prevent your weight loss efforts from succeeding.

Working with a reputable and skilled doctor who is trained in obesity medicine can help identify these underlying issues and create a customized plan that is tailored to your circumstances. This can help you overcome these challenges and achieve sustainable weight loss. Additionally, some weight loss doctors can perform non-surgical weight loss procedures that can provide you with significant help, so your efforts will count for more.

Where Do I Find An Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Doctor?

When you need to find a doctor who is an expert in their field, like one who can perform ESG, it is probably not the best tactic to use a Google search of “endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty doctors near me.” Just because someone is in close proximity to your location doesn’t mean they are the most qualified or have the most experience performing the procedure. Here are some key elements you should look for when choosing a specialist, such as a gastric balloon doctor or an ESG specialist.

Verify Their Qualifications & Experience

Before you undergo any endoscopic procedure, like getting a gastric balloon or endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG), it’s critical to do your homework on the doctor who will perform it. Ensure that you take the time to:

Learn about their educational background and credentials. Your chosen professional for your endoscopic weight loss journey should possess the right qualifications. Look for someone who is highly educated, has an extensive amount of experience, and has the board certifications to back it up. Specifically, you will want a doctor who is board-certified in gastroenterology and has extensive experience in performing endoscopic procedures. It is also critical that they possess an extensive background in obesity medicine.

Find Out About Their Expertise in Endobariatrics

  • How many years have they been a part of their current practice?
  • Is the procedure you are getting a specialty of theirs?
  • How much experience do they have performing this procedure?
  • How many endoscopic procedures have they performed?

Do Some Research On Their Practice

  • Find out how many years they have been working in this capacity or how long their practice has been in business;
  • Do they specialize in weight loss and endoscopic procedures?
  • Are they fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology?

Search For Recommendations and Reviews

Finding reviews about a doctor or a certain practice is fairly easy these days. What their patients say about them speaks volumes.

  • Find an ESG or gastric balloon specialist who has a good reputation for their expertise, support team, comfortable environment, caring manner, and follow-up;
  • Speak to friends, family members, coworkers, etc. who may have experienced working with a doctor they really liked and trusted and who may have a referral to offer.

Search To See If They Have Any Media Coverage

True experts in their field usually influence others in a positive way. Try to find:

  • Medical publications quoting this doctor;
  • Peer-reviewed papers written by this doctor;
  • Forums, lectures, webinars, etc. given by this doctor;
  • Professional associations, organizations, educational institutions, non-profits, or special projects they are involved in.

Look for Professional Accomplishments

  • Awards;
  • Special Accreditations;
  • Government recognition or recognition by educational institutions.

Ask Questions

Many patients feel intimidated when talking to a doctor or specialist. Talking about your weight may not be the most comfortable experience, and some individuals feel ashamed or embarrassed. Doctors with extensive training in obesity medicine understand the disease and are compassionate to those who suffer from it and its related conditions. It is important to find a specialist who is compassionate and with whom you feel comfortable.

Today, it is important that you are involved and in charge of your healthcare decisions. You need to be comfortable and assured that you feel heard by your doctor and that you are working together to find the best treatment for your circumstances. Pay attention at the first consultation to how at ease you feel and how the atmosphere feels at their offices. Weight loss is a very personal journey, but going it alone can be challenging. You will need the support of the team of professionals who work with the doctor, so you need to feel comfortable with them as well.

Make Finding The Best Doctor For Your Needs The Priority

Choosing a doctor should be done with your health in mind and who will be the best fit for your circumstances, not about location or cost.

Finding the best ESG doctor or gastric balloon doctor can be confusing, especially since these endoscopic weight loss methods are just now gaining popularity. Bariatric surgeons specialize in weight loss surgeries, and gastroenterologists receive special training in endoscopy, but this does not automatically mean they have training in obesity medicine. With the recent FDA approval of ESG and the increase in individuals looking for non-surgical weight loss options, there are many new providers offering ESG procedures. This is why doing your research is so important. You need a doctor who is not only technically skilled but also understands all your needs. Surprisingly, only 1% of doctors in the United States are trained in obesity medicine.

You May Need To Look Outside Your Area

Patients struggling with obesity need special support, expertise, strategies, and weight loss tools. Finding a doctor who is highly skilled in EGG or gastric balloon treatments as well as possessing expertise in obesity medicine may mean considering a doctor who is outside of your immediate area. Given how rare it is to find the combination of skills required for endoscopic procedures, personalized treatments, and support that result in sustainable weight loss, it is worth traveling.

While Cost Is Important It Should Not Be Put Above Results

A common mistake people make when choosing an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty doctor is only focusing on the cost of the procedure. You need to be cautious when making this important decision for many reasons, some of which include:

Cost vs Quality

Opting for a very low-cost option may seem tempting, but it could mean subpar care or conditions and could end up costing you both financially and healthwise in the long run. The cost doesn’t always reflect the quality of care you will receive, so take care to make quality and your safety the top priorities.

Ensure You Are Making Accurate Comparisons

Different doctors have different pricing structures, so comparing prices is not always easy. The cost listed by one doctor may not include all the fees, such as sedation or facility charges, while others may quote “all-inclusive” pricing. It is important to make sure you are comparing similar elements.

For your safety and the best possible weight loss outcome, it is essential to choose a doctor who is highly qualified, experienced, and has a proven track record of successful procedures and quality patient care. When it comes to your health and well-being, don’t settle for anything less than expertise and a doctor and team you feel comfortable with.

When you are looking for the best ESG doctor in Washington or an expert gastric balloon doctor, you can trust your weight loss journey and health to Dr. Janese Laster with Gut Theory Total Digestive Care. Her four board certifications, extensive education, and expertise in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Obesity Medicine, Nutrition, Bariatric endoscopy, etc. give her a position among the 1% of doctors in the country who have the combination of training needed to help you achieve sustainable weight loss.

Set up a time for a consultation today and learn more about how she and the compassionate team at Gut Theory Total Digestive Care can help you improve your health and achieve your weight loss goals.

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