Nutrition Consultation Reviews

We invite you to read reviews written by real patients and their experiences with our nutrition consultations for weight loss. These personal accounts demonstrate the link between making dietary adjustments and experiencing weight loss results that lead to improved health.
Dr Laster and Lucretia have been wonderful and very supportive to work with throughout this journey to mindfully correct my diet and sleep patterns and habits that in turn have created positive and lasting results in a healthy and responsible timeline. I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow their advice and daily guidance to ensure and achieve the goals that they set out for their patients!
Dawn G.
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Dr.Laster and her staff has been phenomenal throughout my entire process. I have tried every fad diet I swear known to man, however nothing kept the weight off. Dr Laster and her Nutritionist are both there to answer phone calls and text messages throughout the day; No matter how simple the question. Look no further this is the team for you.
Shon H.
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Diverse and comprehensive approach to weight loss–physical, nutrition, mental, overall wellness, etc. I love the level of commitment of Dr. Laster and her wonderful staff.
Renee S.
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Dr. Laster and her team are amazing–knowledgeable, empathetic and top notch care. She has helped me develop a better, sustainable approach to nutrition and weight management. I am so glad I was referred to her and I’m sure you will be too!
Casey C.
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Understanding your journey with food is a personal one and a different process for everyone. Dr. Laster and her staff take the time to support and find the right program based on your needs and get to the root of your issues. Office is welcoming and she does tele-health visits too, making scheduling easy.
Cynthia G.
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After many failed diets and multiple dietitians, I am delighted to have found Gut Theory. Dr. Laster’s medical expertise, infinite patience and wholistic approach to weight loss have been invaluable in my journey to wellness. In addition to helping me change how I eat without a sense of deprivation, Dr. Laster zeroed in on conditions that affected weight loss and overall health that neither the primary care physician, nor other specialists did. Wholehearted thank you, Dr. Laster!
Peter S.
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I feel like all my adult life I struggled to maintain a healthy weight. In my 20’s I would spend hours in the gym every other day. But as my life changed and my family grew I started exercising less and less. I weighed myself one day and said that enough (I don’t eat terribly, no candy soda etc) so I decreased the amount of food bought a food scale, only ate between the hours of 8am and 4pm for 6 weeks and you know how much weight I lost? Not one pound. I knew I needed professional help. With a little research I found Dr. Laster and her team. Her office always has street parking and the tele-visits are even more convenient. If you’re remotely close to the DC area I would recommend stop dieting and giving Dr. Laster a call. She changed my life!
Andrea W.
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I have a history of cancer in my family (stomach, colon, and pancreatic) and after being given the run around from other doctors for years, I finally found the compassionate and holistic care I had been seeking in Dr. Laster. Not only did Dr. Laster establish a comprehensive plan for both monitoring and addressing my complex family medical history, she also took a time to understand some of my long-term pain points and personal health goals. I found her advice to be candid, informative and thorough. She understood my lifestyle and I could be honest with her about some of the challenges in shifting my habits and establishing consistency. Three months later (and with countless questions/emails), I feel the best I’ve felt in years and have established a healthy balance for my digestive health. Many thanks to Dr. Laster and her team for listening and working with my unique circumstances. I’m truly appreciative of her care and highly recommend her!!
Brittani I.
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I was recommended to Gut Theory by my therapist who knew I wanted to find a AA nutritionist. Dr. Laster is truly a woman who understands the body and one’s relationship with food from the AA perspective. I went to GT b/c I had literally tried sooooo many things before over the years (keto, whole 30, WW, LA Weight Loss, etc.) and nothing was sustainable. I wanted to really make changes that were long-term w/o feeling like punishment. This was the best investment I could have made in my health and wellness. Having a plan of action that was truly based on me, myself and I is something I really appreciated. Because of Dr. Laster I’ve learned to really practice mindful eating and being more intentional with the foods and portions I consume. Making small but impactful changes was critical and has led to a better relationship with how I process things. Having a nutritionist that’s also a GI doc was so refreshing b/c you don’t get the same feedback and recommendations as traditional nutritionist. Lastly, what I loved about my 6-month experience with Dr. Laster was the honest conversations we had about pharmacology options. Towards the end of my plan with her I began taking Qysmia which def aided in my weight loss to my surprise. From customer service to subject matter expertise to friendliness and accountability, Dr. Laster and her coach, Lucretiaare a dynamic team that cares and helps you achieve your goals in the moment and down the road. Hiiiiighly recommend Dina K. 
Dina K. 
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