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At Gut Theory, we create options for every step of each patient’s weight loss journey. Some patients opt to start with a membership where we focus on weight loss through education, health, and personalized nutrition plans. We start the first visit with a state-of-the-art InBody Bioimpedance analysis. This allows us to assess each patient’s specific basal metabolic rate (caloric needs for weight maintenance), skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat, and percent of body fat.

This data enables us to use objective information to formulate customized approaches for each patient. We perform a complete physical exam and review of the past medical history to assess for any contributing factors for difficulty with weight loss. Then, in conjunction with our nutrition health coach, a detailed interview is completed to determine each patient’s barriers, habits, daily food intake, hunger or satiation rate, and daily routine. Next, we obtain lab tests to assess for any other causes for difficulty with weight loss. Using all of this information, we are able to create a personalized, customized nutrition plan for weight loss for each patient because we know that every patient is different.

Nutrition consultation
What Gut Theory Membership Is Right For Me?

There are several different options for frequency of follow up, from weekly to monthly for 6 months. Plans are determined based on how much time a patient has and the level of accountability each patient needs to stay on track. After each visit we provide recipes and goals to achieve prior to the next appointment.

Membership options
How much weight loss can I expect?

Weight loss varies from patient to patient and depends on patient goals. On average, patients will lose >20 pounds with consistent follow up and dedication to the nutrition plan and recommendations.

Male weight loss progress with a personalized, customized nutrition plan
Are medications discussed with a membership?

Yes, some patients may require anti-obesity medications, while others may not be candidates. We discuss the risks and benefits of medications and make a decision together based on medical and safety information.

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