6 March, 2024

The Patient’s Corner: Q&A Session

In this week’s blog post, we wanted to highlight one of our patients. Many people want to hear the patient experience directly, so we thought why not? This is just one of our many Orbera gastric balloon reviews and we hope you find it helpful.

Patient’s Background History

This is one of our many non-surgical gastric balloon reviews. It is about a 65-year-old woman who has a history of prediabetes, elevated cholesterol, elevated cholesterol, and an initial BMI of 31 (weight 182 lbs). Her initial Inbody analysis revealed visceral fat of 19 (goal <10), percent body fat of 42.8 (goal less than 28%), and skeletal muscle mass of 56.9. She stated she no longer felt like herself, did not feel comfortable in clothes, and had no idea how she got here! We decided the best course of action for her was a gastric balloon.

Interview with the Orbera Patient

Gut Theory Team: Why did you choose Gut Theory Total Digestive Care?

Patient: I had given up on my own ability to lose weight, was post-menopausal, and was over 60.

Gut Theory Team: What led you to your interest in having the Intragastric Balloon Procedure?

Patient: It fits with the amount of weight I wanted to lose, as well as minor intervention (no surgery).

Gut Theory Team: How long did it take for you to make the decision?

Patient: One to two months.

Gut Theory Team: What were some obstacles you encountered after the procedure?

Patient: Getting accustomed to what foods/liquids create volume, decreasing my normal water intake, and becoming more surgical with meal planning (in order to get enough nutrition with the reduced calorie intake.)

Gut Theory Team: If you had to explain this experience to a friend, how would you describe it?

Patient: It feels like the fullness you feel after eating a big holiday meal, like Thanksgiving. It is not uncomfortable unless you eat too much or eat the wrong foods.

Gut Theory Team: Would you recommend this procedure to someone?

Patient: Absolutely.

Gut Theory Team: How has this improved your lifestyle or health?

Patient: I fit into many of my old clothes, I look and feel pretty, exercise is easier, I am more thoughtful about what I eat, have more energy, and greatly reduced cholesterol and blood pressure.

Gut Theory Team: How has your relationship with food changed?

Patient: I am more thoughtful, chew my food thoroughly to help digestion, am not as motivated to choose junk food, and I don’t overbuy food I can’t eat before it goes bad.

Gut Theory Team: Have you noticed any differences in mental health?

Patient: Yes, I have more confidence.

Gut Theory Team: How has your experience been with Dr. Laster and the staff?

Patient: They are great—are always available when needed, provide insight and knowledge, and are motivational.

Gut Theory Team: Is there anything you would like to add?

Patient: I love the addition of cooking classes, meditation, and exercise.

How Much Did the Patient Lose with the Orbera Balloon?

In just 6 short months, she is down 36 lbs (20% total body weight loss), BMI from 31 to 25, reduced visceral fat (19 to 14) and percent body fat (43- 35%), reduced cholesterol, and reversed prediabetes. Now it’s on to toning, continuing to build muscle mass, and cementing those new habits.

If you are interested in other gastric balloon reviews, check out our website or get in touch with us. We can give you all the information you need. It’s never too late to start your journey! Be sure to give us a call to discuss your next steps.

Happy Gut Health,

Dr. Laster

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