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We create a customized plan for each patient combining many tools to reach weight loss goals. We use state of the art InBody Bioimpedance testing to determine each patient’s baseline. We then take a detailed medical history analysis, review of labs, dietary review, to decide on procedure and dietary plan.


The gastric balloon is inserted endoscopically (through the mouth) into the stomach. The balloon is then filled with approximately 500 ml of saline. It remains in place for 6 months. During this period, the balloon is causing fullness and reduced portions sizes to induce weight loss. In addition to consistent follow-up to create sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes. Patients can expect to lose 3-4x more than with diet and weight loss alone.

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The ESG is an endoscopic technique that reduces the size of the stomach by 70-80% of a normal stomach. The ESG leads to weight loss by the reduced capacity of food intake due to smaller stomach, early satiety, and delayed motility, so food sits in the stomach longer all working together to induce weight loss. Patients can expect to lose >20-30 % of their total body weight.

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History Analysis

Every individual is different and understanding the medical history of each patient is key to providing weight loss solutions that actually work. We provide a comprehensive review of a patient’s medical history so we can create a custom approach for their weight loss journey.

This comprehensive evaluation details various factors including information about past illnesses and surgeries, psychological history, current untreated symptoms, family history, supplement use, medication use, sleep, stress and barriers in the daily routine.

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We perform a state-of-the-art InBody Bioimpedance analysis, to assess each patient’s specific daily baseline calorie needs, and percent skeletal muscle vs fat mass. We complete a detailed nutrition assessment of daily intake, daily routine, food intolerance, and allergies, as well as lifestyle habits and relationships with food.

This complete assessment is the foundation for the development of a customized nutrition plan based on each patient’s individual needs.

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There are multiple medications that are approved for weight loss, but so few are used routinely, often due to provider comfort level and other biases. Each patient’s weight loss journey is unique and at times we will incorporate these anti-obesity medications as a tool to aid in the patient long-term success. We monitor closely to assure no side effects and effectively titrate for weight maintenance.

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