18 January, 2024

Unveiling Dr. Laster’s Gut Theory Journey: A Passion for Total Digestive Care

Greetings fellow health enthusiasts! I’m Janese Laster, a passionate advocate for obesity and digestive health hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. My journey in medicine has taken me across the United States, from the historic halls of Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, to the shores of the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, and finally, to the esteemed Georgetown University Hospital where I completed my Internal Medicine Residency and Gastroenterology Fellowship.

Before the inception of Gut Theory Total Digestive Care, my professional life revolved around the practice of General Gastroenterology. Day in and day out, I encountered patients with a common thread running through their medical histories—metabolic syndromes and persistent symptoms. My dedication to their well-being led me to conduct a thorough battery of tests, ruling out life-threatening diseases. And, I began to recognize a glaring gap in our healthcare system—a deficiency in preventative medicine and an inadequate focus on the root cause of many issues: the standard American diet and excess weight.

The alarming rise in obesity and severe obesity cases in our country cannot be ignored. These conditions are not merely cosmetic concerns but are intricately linked to increased morbidity, mortality, and specific types of cancer. Driven by a desire to make a lasting impact on the health of my community, I founded Gut Theory Total Digestive Care. This endeavor is not just about weight loss; it’s about transforming lives through evidence-based nutrition for enhanced overall well-being.

My commitment goes beyond traditional medical training. In addition to completing my Internal Medicine Residency and Gastroenterology Fellowship, I pursued specialized fellowships in Nutrition and Bariatric Endoscopy. I am board-certified in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Obesity Medicine, and Nutrition. What sets me apart in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions is not only this comprehensive expertise but also the ability to perform minimally invasive weight loss procedures— the gastric balloon and endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, which is a unique aspect of Gut Theory Total Digestive Care.

Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the realm of total digestive care, uncover the intricacies of evidence-based nutrition, and strive towards a healthier and happier community. Gut Theory is more than a clinic; it’s a movement towards a future where preventive medicine takes center stage. Let’s embark on this transformative path together and make digestive health a priority!

Stay tuned for insightful articles, expert tips, and inspiring success stories on the Gut Theory blog. Here’s to a healthier, happier you!


Janese Laster, MD

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